Meet The Team, RiPPLE

Meet our 2020/21 RiPPLE Team!

Cathy Liney, Managing Editor A little bit about Cathy: Cathy is a 23-year-old MA Publishing student at Kingston University, who studied her undergrad degree in Dublin. She loves to travel and live in different countries, where possible. She has a twelve and a half year old dog who is a little bit cuckoo. Her hobbies… Continue reading Meet our 2020/21 RiPPLE Team!


RiPPLE 2020/21

Do you have a piece of creative writing or artwork that you want to see in print? RiPPLE can help! What is RiPPLE? RiPPLE is Kingston University's student-run creative writing anthology, published each year to showcase the work of Kingston University students - and get you published, of course! How can I submit? Submissions are… Continue reading RiPPLE 2020/21

Creative Writing: Poetry, Works and Pieces

Ascertaining Subsistence

by Brandon Pestano Run free, man of dismay! Never look back upon this chamber. Explore rivers of wisdom, Hear the soul of the mountains, Dance with anticipation of danger. Run free, man of defray! Let paper not confine you. Climb trees of old until darkness has fallen, Sing with stars; let them bind you. Run… Continue reading Ascertaining Subsistence

Announcements, Editorials, Events

It’s Here! It’s Here!

It's been a week since RiPPLE's official launch party in conjunction with the Critical Contemporary Issues in Publishing (CCIP) Journal. It was a night of poetry and wine, inspiring voices from Kingston University's student body--both creative and academic, and a celebration of all the hard work that has gone into bringing these two student publications… Continue reading It’s Here! It’s Here!


The Design Team Does RiPPLE!

Here at RiPPLE, the final product is the work of countless hours by our dedicated Design team, comprised of Penny, Mina, Oscar, Vibha and Munya. The Design Team really enjoyed reading the chosen works by Kingston students! There is a lot of talent within the university, and we were really impressed with some of the… Continue reading The Design Team Does RiPPLE!